"Thank you Alina for the most Incredible & Wonderful experience of my life! Il Fontanaro is Paradise and Foodie Heaven!"

Review from a past guest - one of many exactly like it.


  • Client: il Fontanaro / Category: Brand, Identity, Web

One of the coolest places one can travel in the country of Italy is the small town of Paciano, in Umbria. And the coolest place in Paciano is il Fontanaro - and organic farm, vacation destination, olive oil and wine producer, and cooking school. That may sound like a lot but these ladies do it all extremely well. Award winningly well. They have a whole fleet of web properties and we're happy to manage all of them.

The il Fontanaro web properties are all Wordpress installations with a bit of custom theming on some. The digital media manager is quite good at what she does, so we're glad to set them up and turn them over. We keep a watchful eye on things, and help when needed.

umbriatuscanyreview.com, slowcookingschool.com, slowlivingvacations.com, and more coming soon!